Chili Time!

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It’s that time of year when Chili is a part of fall, Halloween festivities and chili cook-offs! My family often had Chili before heading out to trick or treat.

II wanted to make a new VERY TASTY but different chili, without meat. I chose to use 3 different beans, other veggies and added Caribbean spices to the typical chili seasonings. It turned out SO WELL that my husband had no clue there was no meat. It was a hit with friends and even my grandkids!

My recipe is Caribbean Vegan Chili. Try it! You won’t be disappointed!

(For less spicy chili use smaller amounts of chili powder and cayenne.)

I can’t wait to make this chili again very soon! YUM! 

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(Two of my grandkids before heading off to our local chili cook-off.)

 Serving suggestions: GF/vegan crackers or GF/vegan corn bread and salad.