Fun with Citrus Jell-O!



Need a quick and easy snack or dessert? Or a fun and tasty project for your little helper? Here’s a fun idea that’s also easy on the budget!

At the grocery store, collect one each of 3 oz lemon, lime and orange Jell-O. Pick your favorite 6 oz citrus yogurt – orange, lemon or lime (I bought Key Lime Pie) and buy two. In the paper and plastic section, find some 9 oz clear cups, then get a lemon and lime from the produce section. Now you’re set!

This is FUN for little helpers who love to STIR! Just be careful when pouring the boiling water, or carrying it to the freezer. They will LOVE watching as the pretty colors add up! And WHO doesn’t LOVE Jell-O?

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Comments on Fun with Citrus Jell-O!

May 3, 2009

Christine @ 11:10 am #

Those look yummy and pretty. I think they would be a great party treat.

May 6, 2009

Susie @ 6:32 pm #

Jello isn’t just for kids! This looks delicious to me.