My Love for Lemons – Lemon Zinger Cake



Since I was a child, I’ve LOVED everything made from lemons! I think back to those boxes of Lemonheads, that were once 10 cents at 7-Eleven! Other kids would buy Red Hots, Sugar Babies or Milk Duds. I LOVED the wonderful way a tangy lemon candy magically transformed my mouth!

Then there were the lemonade stands. Didn’t every kid have them? I’m sure our lemonade was actually Kool-Aid brand Lemonade, and not the real thing. My little brother and I would do this about once a year, and include No Bake Cookies, and even make a funny box with slots to stick your hands in (into slimy spaghetti) or that would produce a drawing through a slot. Kids actually paid to play with our silly box!

As I grew up, I LOVED the Lemon Meringue Pie that my mom or my grandma made! Once in a while I really got a surprise, when my daddy would give in and buy me a Hostess Lemon Pie! I’ve even been known to eat lemons, cut in slices!

When I go to family dinners or other social events, I like to take Aunt Larraine’s Lemon Fruit Salad. It’s always a favorite!

Now, I’m eating gluten-free. At first I though my lemon days were over. Then my big sis bought me a package of gluten-free lemon cookies from a gluten-free shop. I ate the whole package in one day!

Now, I’ve been creating various things that I really crave. This new recipe for lemon cake is just delicious! Lemon Zinger Cake. If you’re a lemon lover like me – and eat gluten free (and even casein-free), you’ve got to try it!

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Comments on My Love for Lemons – Lemon Zinger Cake

August 22, 2008

NotAMeanGirl @ 11:00 pm #

I have a friend that has Celiac’s Diseas and has to eat gluten free. I NEED this recipe for her! She JUST gave birth to her 4th child a few days ago and I’d LOVE to make this for her and send it to her :)

Wibble73 @ 11:12 pm #

Loves Lemon in all forms, Lemon Meringue has always been my ultimate favorite dessert. closely followed by Key Lime Pie

August 23, 2008

Christine @ 5:30 am #

It’s amazing what delicious things you come up with that are gluten free. That looks even better than a typical lemon cake.

August 26, 2008

bunnyhero @ 10:34 pm #

that looks DELICIOUS!!

August 27, 2008

Cylithria @ 4:26 pm #

OMG I love lemons and my boyfriend is living glutten free so I am learning and this is fantastic!! Thanks for sharing – w00t

March 6, 2011

Anna S. @ 5:18 pm #

I just made this cake today. I must say this is by far the BEST gluten free cake I have ever had! It was so moist and tasty and turned out perfect! I used Brown rice flour,tapioca flour and potato starch flour. Thank you so much! my friends and family could not tell the difference, they loved it!