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Having celiac disease can affect the lives of both grown-ups and kids. In my house I’m not the only one who has celiac. My daughter Kayli has it. Her daughter Joscelyn has it too.

1-17-09-jos-with-cupcakesThis year Joscelyn has been to several birthday parties, which she has loved, and yet she feels left out when it’s time for birthday cake.

For Joscelyn’s birthday party she chose to have cupcakes made from her favorite banana oatmeal muffins. See The Best Banana Oatmeal Muffins under Breakfast in my Gluten-Free Recipes, with frosting on top. When time came to serve the cupcakes we lit five candles, sang “Happy Birthday,” then blew out the candles.

1-17-09-isaacJoscelyn helped me plan her Enchanted Birthday Party. Since I was keeping in mind our economic crisis and need to be thrifty, we made our own invitations, games and CDs of songs perfect for the party.

We invited princes, warriors and princesses to the party. Joscelyn begged me to dress up too, so I got out my ball gown to play the queen.

1-17-09-dragon-gameJoscelyn chose the games, which included “Hot Slipper,” played like “Hot Potato,” “Pin the Fire on the Dragon,” which I drew and she colored, and “The Queen Says,” like “Simon Says.” We also played “Freeze to the Music,” which was enjoyed by all the royal kids.

1-17-09-kids-eatingJoscelyn’s birthday party turned out so well! It was very satisfying seeing the dressed up kids having so much fun, and not knowing there was anything different from any other party. The gluten-free cupcakes were gone quickly and Joscelyn enjoyed feeling just like any other kid!


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Comments on Our Enchanted Gluten-Free Birthday Party

January 19, 2009

Christine @ 8:08 am #

That party looks like so much fun. Those are some great ideas. I love that you have a GF/CF option for the muffins,and I especially love you looking like a beautiful queen. :)

Margaret @ 8:45 am #

I’m so impressed with all the effort you went to in making Joscelyn’s birthday party so fun and unique. What darling little princesses! And the prince and warrior are great too, plus that precious tiny baby with her very own crown. Joscelyn is so fortunate to have such loving Mommy and Grammy to make sure she has the best birthday party ever!

Jennifer @ 10:42 am #

I’ve totally enjoyed looking at your site. You are so creative and the recipes look really, really good! You look really amazing, too.

Angie @ 2:57 pm #

What fun birthday ideas! You are so creative.

January 22, 2009

Cindy @ 7:55 pm #

Coming up with such fun things to do for invitations, games and songs was probably half of the fun; and then what a fun party it looks like it turned out to be. Thanks for the good ideas and the pictures.

January 24, 2009

Susie @ 11:11 am #

The birthday photos are SO cute! The kids are adorable in their costumes and they look like they had a great time. Thanks for reminding us that kids don’t need expensive things to have fun. Your creative games and refreshments are perfect!!