Spicy Fritos Bake



My granddaughter was eating Fritos at the farmers market. I don’t think I’d tasted Fritos since I was small. Later that night I started to nibble. They were GOOD! The next day I was in the mood for something Mexican and spicy. This is what I came up with: Spicy Fritos Bake


When I eat Mexican – it always takes me back to my dad. He went on a small trip to Mexico to translate for his good friend. While he was there, among other souvenirs, he found a Mexican Ballads record that he brought home. I used to just giggle every time he’d play his record from his study! The music would float into the kitchen where my mom would usually be fixing dinner. She hated the music! It was so dramatic with guitar and trumpet, and I think that I, along with other siblings, could probably imitate that music to this day!

I know my dad loved Mexican, and I’m sure he would have loved this recipe! My own family sure did! So try it – but you don’t have to listen to silly music to enjoy!

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October 1, 2008

Christine @ 11:25 am #

That sounds muy delicioso.