Strawberries and Gluten

I just returned from vacation. More about that later, including how I managed to stay gluten-free with all of the great meals we had.

I have been reading articles on strawberries and how they relate to gluten.

Some say that people with celiac disease shouldn’t eat strawberries because of the fact that they are grown in straw. I NEVER KNEW THAT!

I emailed a grower to ask if it is true. YES, they grow strawberries in wheat straw!

This finding goes EXACTLY with my own experiences over that past several years! I’ve had to avoid eating strawberries because they made my stomach ache. My body was trying to tell me something!

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Comments on Strawberries and Gluten

August 5, 2008

Christine @ 5:32 am #

Wow! I did not know that. Are other berries okay? My kids LOVE any berries.

Susie @ 7:53 am #

You’re kidding! I know several people who get a stomach ache after eating strawberries. Thanks for this information–I’m passing it on!!

August 9, 2008

Gluten-Free Boy @ 11:10 am #

That is crazy! You would think someone would catch the “straw” connection in strawberries! I haven’t been able to eat them for several years! Thanks for doing this research!