Thanksgiving Turkey Decorations for Kids



When I was small I had a tradition of making gumdrop turkeys, using toothpicks to hold the gumdrops together. Each person had a candy turkey as their place setting.

I’ve carried on this tradition with my granddaughter. We’ve made our own funny version, usually using sour gummy worms, candy corns, and whatever else we choose each year. They turn out pretty hilarious, and we’ve given in to using a glue gun, instead of trying to stick everything together using toothpicks. Needless to say, the turkeys are not edible; they are for looks only! We have lots of fun and laughs making them!

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Comments on Thanksgiving Turkey Decorations for Kids

November 9, 2008

Margaret @ 4:19 pm #

Those are the most creative, colorful turkeys I’ve ever seen, and certainly a delight for your whole family. I’m so happy that Joscelyn is learning such creative ideas from her Grammy!

November 10, 2008

Christine @ 12:33 pm #

Those are so fun! I think I would have to use the toothpicks because my kids would eat them glue and all.

Susie @ 10:19 pm #

I can’t believe how cute these turkeys are! They are so much better than the turkey placecard holders that I always used to make out of apples. Thanks for the great idea!!