Today’s Wonderful Dinner – for Two


Today my husband and I made our dinner together. He GRILLS; I cook. He was doing chicken, so I made him a marinade of balsamic vinaigrette, lemon juice, creamy honey and crushed red pepper. We had some Anaheim peppers and put them on the grill also. I found a crookneck and a zucchini squash, which I sliced and cooked in butter. Yes, BUTTER. I love the way it glazes the squash.

Our dinner turned out so delicious – I knew I’d have to share! If you haven’t cooked peppers on the grill, you’ve got to try it! The Anaheims were meaty with just enough of a kick! The trio of the marinated chicken, the Anaheims and the squash was an absolutely perfect dinner for us today!

I love leaving my honey with a satisfied tummy when he’s off to work, with a good memory of our meal we shared together.

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