A Letter About Jace

Dear Larraine,

I read about your niece and her children. I could absolutely feel your passion about autism and the unfortunate side effects the children experience from other people and “professionals” around them. I, too, feel like I have to work hard against the “in the box” treatment my son receives at school and other public places, including his own pediatrician. The word itself is like a scarlet letter on their foreheads!

My son’s name is Jace. He is 7 years old and has been diagnosed with high-functioning autism. He is a beautiful boy with lots of energy for life and curiousity for learning and experiencing what life has to offer. He makes eye contact, speaks pretty well but does not always have good enunciation. He has no obvious physical delays, enjoys skiing, outdoors activities, playing video games and getting on the computer. He is beginning to read, tell time, and do math problems quite well. Behavior and social aspects are not in tune with other children his age but I am ever hopeful we will achieve an acceptable level at some point. He does actively seek attention from other children and adults.

I took him to see a specialist in Sandy, Utah last October and we have continued our work together via phone and email. It was well worth the trip and money we spent to travel from Great Falls, Montana. There seem to be few medical people out there that believe in the hope of recovery for these children. That only intensifies my desire to continue searching for answers and find the right people who share my passion for reducing/eliminating the core problems that overwhelm these kids. The first step is to find people such as ourselves that BELIEVE!

My baby boy is a work in progress and I do find this fascinating and inspiring as I see him grow. I want to thank you more than words can say for the wonderful recipes. You are an angel! I look forward to making some of the goodies and telling everyone I know about you and your website without a doubt! I work with an organization that provides assistance to children with a variety of developmental and physical issues, including autism specifically. I will be very very happy to share your website with the case manager. What a blessing you are! Thanks again for reaching out to me. Take care and I wish you continued success with your website and recipes!