My Opinion on a Cure for Autism


by Christine Roach

So, I can’t tell you how annoyed I am when people ask me if I think my kids can be cured of autism or when I see a fundraiser or organization that is raising money to help “find a cure” for autism.  In my opinion, autism isn’t something that can be cured.  Autism is a part of who someone is.  It is a part of their genetic makeup.  That would be like saying, “Let’s find a cure for depression.”

That being said, I don’t think a diagnosis of autism is the end of the world for a child.  Just like with depression, you can get therapy to help you cope and see the world in a more typical way, autism has many therapies to help a child learn to cope and see the world in a different way.  Just like there are medications to manage symptoms of depression, there are medications out there to manage some of the symptoms of autism.  Not all medications work for all kids.  Isn’t that how it is in the real world with other medications?  There needs to be a process of trial and error to find just the right medication for your child…if that is a path that you even want to take.  There are ways to treat the metabolic problems that many children with autism face, whether with vitamins, diet and other various therapies.  Just like with diabetes, being on a special diet can greatly improve the symptoms in one child and do nothing whatsoever for another.

Managing the symptoms of autism is a long, difficult process and can take years, but it can help the child and those that love him/her deal better in this world that can seem intrusive to them. As I said before, I don’t think there is a cure for autism.  That is just silly, to try and cure a part of someone that is just who they are.  But, there are ways to manage the symptoms that can hinder their progression in this crazy world.

I, personally, don’t see why you would want to cure someone of the unconditional love, self awareness and honesty that comes from a person with autism.  They are blessed to see the world in an amazing way and to find joy in the little things.  All of us could use a little bit of that kind of “autism.”

Comments on My Opinion on a Cure for Autism

November 27, 2010

Jessica Crazycakes @ 4:43 am #

I love this website.. and I love the last little paragraph in this article. I stumbled across your page looking for a gluten free and caeson free cake recipe. I am a cake decorator and a friend of mine wanted to see if I could find a GF/CF recipe so that her kids could have “a pretty cake too”. I’ll be honest, I don’t know much about Autism, or this diet, but your site has been enlightening, and I’m really excited to be able to do this cake for her :)

November 30, 2010

larraine @ 3:07 pm #

Jessica – thanks for coming to our site! The easiest way to do wonderful cake is to buy Betty Crocker Gluten-Free cake mixes! They make just one layer, so if you’re wanting to do something fancier you’ll need to buy more. To make them casein-free and for frosting go to my post on cupcakes! Good luck with the diet!

May 4, 2014

Bryn @ 1:36 am #

I am a 40 year old woman with High Functioning Aspergers. I learned through the years how to function in a way that works for me, and that was without a diagnosis until I was in my 30′s.

I don’t see how one can cure that part of oneself either. I also have Bi-Polar, another thing that is not curable. I don’t mind taking the medicines and am very blessed in that I am able to get them.

I will say I went Gluten free because it was making me ill. We have since discovered it gives me violent migraines as well. In general I do feel my moods are much better without it. I would think part of that would be attributed to my body getting proper nutrients now. I would definitely say, for me, it has helped my Autism be easier to control. I don’t lose my temper as frequently for one. I tend to be a calmer person.

The migraines are not gone, but at least we know several causes I now avoid!