A Gluten-Free Christmas Dinner


Our Christmas Eve dinner has been a tradition since our family started many years ago. It is my children’s favorite meal of the year! Along with our Christmas Potatoes, ham and Christmas Jell-o, we have a tradition of each taking turns giving a toast as we take sips of sparkling grape juice.

See all my Christmas recipes here: Holiday. I wish you the warmest wishes for the holidays!!!

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Comments on A Gluten-Free Christmas Dinner

December 25, 2008

Christine @ 7:52 am #

Thank you for the recipes. Your Christmas dinner is so delicious! I’m so happy we can still eat it on a gluten-free diet.

December 26, 2008

Susie @ 10:22 pm #

What a YUMMY meal! I couldn’t have come up with such a delicious gluten-free Christmas dinner. Thanks for the great ideas!