It’s FALL, time for spiced cider, pumpkin anything, trick or treating, but also time for an untraditional but very tasty use of sweet potatoes! This recipe adds a bit of sweetness, fall spices, and SALT! This has such a vibrant taste! During my life, and for most people I know, sweet potatoes have been mostly […]

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After enjoying my Vegan pies at Thanksgiving, I felt kind of icky. I soon had more food intolerance testing which showed me SO MUCH, including a severe nut allergy. During a recent hospital stay my mind did it’s typical thing, which is creating food. I was able to come up with a way to make […]

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My favorite meal of the year is my family Christmas dinner, which traditionally was held on Christmas Eve. Now that my kids have grown and have families of their own I’m happy to find a time near the holidays when everyone can be together! My old traditional meal has changed over time because of the […]

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I have been dreading Thanksgiving for years. When pie time comes, I try to ignore everyone or disappear. I have missed out on my favorite pies since going casein free. Now that I have learned more about vegan pie crust and fillings I’m very excited for my Thanksgiving dessert this year! I am so happy with […]


Lately I’ve been thinking about Thanksgiving and pie. The past couple of years I’ve felt too overwhelmed to worry about pie for myself. I’ve taken the lazy approach and watched others enjoy their pie, while trying not to show my extreme jealousy! This year I haven’t been too excited – yet. Truthfully, Thanksgiving has never […]

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Since my daughter got married last July (taking two of my cute grandkids with her) and then moving with my husband to a new house in October, I admit, I’ve not beenvery enthusiastic about baking! My husband and I eat a very simple and healthy diet so desserts don’t temp me much. Unless it’s my […]

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