Fall Glazed Spicy Sweet Potato Dish

It’s FALL, time for spiced cider, pumpkin anything, trick or treating, but also time for an untraditional but very tasty use of sweet potatoes! This recipe adds a bit of sweetness, fall spices, and SALT! This has such a vibrant taste!


During my life, and for most people I know, sweet potatoes have been mostly used with Thanksgiving dinner, along with ingredients such as brown sugar, marshmallows and lots of butter. When I added this highly nutritious vegetable to my regular meals, I found I prefer sweet potatoes with salt! The easiest way I use them is to peel, slice very thin, then add to an oiled baking pan with lots of salt! For variety I sometimes add onion, garlic, paprika and pepper. Now I’ve learned ways to add sweet potatoes to stews and anything that would usually use potatoes. I have delighted in this tasty vegetable!

Try this recipe and delight your taste buds!

(Enjoy a bit of Halloween from my house!)






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