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Larraine passed away in 2015 and we – her family – miss her terribly. This website will continue to be available to honor her memory and provide information and recipes to all those with gluten issues. There will be no new posts or comments. Thanks for supporting Larraine for so many years. She loved sharing […]

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It’s that time of year when Chili is a part of fall, Halloween festivities and chili cook-offs! My family often had Chili before heading out to trick or treat. II wanted to make a new VERY TASTY but different chili, without meat. I chose to use 3 different beans, other veggies and added Caribbean spices […]


I have been dreading Thanksgiving for years. When pie time comes, I try to ignore everyone or disappear. I have missed out on my favorite pies since going casein free. Now that I have learned more about vegan pie crust and fillings I’m very excited for my Thanksgiving dessert this year! I am so happy with […]


I love cooking healthy, quick meals. This dish is about 400 calories and adds a generous amount of broccoli to pasta with meatballs and sauce. These meatballs are delicious and use quinoa instead of bread crumbs. This dish is a hit with my hungry husband, and I get very full with just one portion. This […]


We have MOVED! My baby girl got married during the summer so now it’s just my husband and I. We made a move to the country and are excited to spend the holidays with kids and grandkids coming to celebrate and eat lots of good food! I would love to debut a new recipe for […]