Meatloaf wasn’t my favorite, but 4 years ago I started using this recipe. I love it because it’s both QUICK and DELICIOUS! Now I love it, and my family loves it too! I have two versions in my Gluten-Free recipes. One under “Poultry” using ground turkey is “Low-Cal Turkey Meatloaf.” Another in “Beef” uses ground […]

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I have always LOVED eating Manwich! But I don’t really like gluten-free hamburger buns. Recently I purchased a case of Manwich, and am enjoying different meals with it! A really delicious one is using Manwich, instead of soup to make what some call a “Shepherd’s Pie.” I peel and steam some potatoes (about 4 or […]


Happy New Years! I wanted to fix my family something extra delicious today, so I got out the turkey that I’d put in the freezer – leftovers from Christmas dinner. I cut up carrots, potatoes, celery and an onion, which I added to my pot. I put in two containers of Kitchen Basics chicken stock […]

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A favorite treat of mine and one that is always a hit on those crisp, chilly days is pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.  It is hard when you have an intolerance to gluten or dairy to watch other people eating these scrumptious treats.  This is why I decided to develop a great gluten-free/casein-free recipe that everyone […]

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Three years ago I found out I have Celiac disease and began eating gluten-free. Recently, I learned that I’m also lactose intolerant. My doctor has told me that it’s not uncommon to have both. I’m happy knowing more about how to make good food choices that make me feel better! One of my favorite soups […]

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When we were planning for my daughter-in-law Louise’s birthday celebration, my daughter Kayli wanted to surprise her with a special cake that ALL of us could enjoy. Kayli decided that she’d make an ice cream cake, so began going through ideas for gluten free ice creams, fillings, and candy bar toppings. Among the ice creams […]

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