I have been using this delicious lunch or goodie idea from the start. I use rice cakes and make wonderful sandwiches. I made these rice cake sandwiches “open face.” I love having the variety of peanut butter and jam AND tuna fish in the same meal! Now that my granddaughter eats gluten-free too, we are […]

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I had never been to a Farmer’s Market before last week! I really thought they were only in California, since I read about people going to them in pop culture magazines. My daughter told me she goes to hers in another state, and I got curious and started checking. I found some local ones, and […]

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Since I was a child, I’ve LOVED everything made from lemons! I think back to those boxes of Lemonheads, that were once 10 cents at 7-Eleven! Other kids would buy Red Hots, Sugar Babies or Milk Duds. I LOVED the wonderful way a tangy lemon candy magically transformed my mouth! Then there were the lemonade […]

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                      Pizza is such a huge part of our American culture. We order in for special occasions such as sports events on TV, birthdays, holidays, watching DVD movies and even just a quiet Sunday night at home. We go out to pizza following fun occasions, […]

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When I was growing up I had the most wonderful loving grandmother. We called her Grandmuzzie. She was one of the most fun people I’ve ever known! She was always telling stories, or entertaining us with her ragtime piano. I was one of the youngest, and she called me her “chickabidee.” This is a picture […]

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