When I was young I hated oatmeal! My wonderful Mom would make breakfast for her seven kids and husband every day. When she’d serve cooked oatmeal, I wouldn’t eat it. It was slimy and I didn’t like the taste.

Mom also made great Oatmeal Cookies, but I would never touch them! After being diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I started craving the cooked oatmeal that my husband would fix each morning. I began wishing I could eat my Mom’s cookies!

When I finally bought some gluten-free oats I was in heaven, with my cooked oatmeal and oatmeal cookies! My family happily eats them too!

For a quick serving of oatmeal: Put 1/3 cup gluten-free oats in a tall cereal bowl, add 1 scant cup water and microwavefor 2 minutes then stir. I add milk and brown sugar.

Favorites of my family are The Best Banana Oatmeal Muffins and Tastes Like Mom’s Oatmeal Cookies in my Gluten-free recipes.

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Eating gluten-free at weddings, showers, dinners and parties can be wonderful, or a challenge!

I recently attended two weddings. At the luncheon of one, the plates were served and I looked at the delicious lasagna and french bread on my plate. Since I can eat neither, family members quickly whisked away my plate and gave me that knowing look. I found salad in a bowl on the table, and helped myself to a generous serving. Noticing there were two dressings, I decided that neither were likely to be gluten-free. So, I ate my salad, which I jokingly call “weed salad” and drank ice water.

At another wedding, we were served buffet style. I was pleasantly surprised to find I could eat everything! They served a large vegetable tray, chips ‘n salsa, fruit scewers and meat & vegetable scewers. It tasted so good that I went back for more during the evening.

I am reminded of this advice: Always take a gluten-free goody in your purse!



When I discovered that I could make yummy gluten-free desserts with my own recipes, I felt freed! Now when I take a dish to a dinner or party, I use a gluten-free recipe so I can show others that eating gluten-free is tasty as well as a healthy alternative.

My family adores this Heavenly Apple Cake served with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream!

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Eating gluten-free doesn’t have to be complicated. Take, for example, Savory Italian Chicken. It’s one of those recipes that you can make for everybody and it is so EASY you won’t believe it! The chicken comes out perfectly done! Plus, it is a recipe that is good for the way many people need to eat.

My brother has diabetes and this recipe has just the right amount of carbs for him. My niece uses it for her family who need a casein-free diet. My husband and daughter are on the Weight Watchers program and it is low in points. In fact, it works for any low-cal, low-fat diet program. What could be better? Use brown rice for whole grain benefits.

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My mom and dad had seven kids – all REAL CHARACTERS! My mom is THE BEST MOM – we all know that! She can do anything! She’s been a great homemaker along with working at times to help our family. My dad died 17 years ago. He was a wonderful teacher who taught junior high history. He did so many great things in his life, including teaching us to love beauty in scenery and also taking us to many historical sites. He had a difficult time with his health, from the time he was born. He overcame many things, but was still burdened with intestinal problems and daily migraines.

When I learned that I have celiac disease, I knew that it is a first-generation disease. And so I knew that my dad had suffered with it his entire life. The US has only just recently become knowledgeable about celiac disease, or celiac sprue, which affects the villi in the small intestine so that necessary nutrients and vitamins can’t be absorbed. There are so many symptoms that are similar, such as reflux, ulcers and irritable bowel, that celiac disease is hard to diagnosis. 97% of people in the US that have celiac have not been diagnosed.

I look at my crazy/wonderful/talented family, and wonder if any of them may have celiac too. After going through my various illnesses over the years, and then finding a way to eat gluten-free and to feel good, I want THE BEST for every one of my brothers and sisters!


I have traditionally made Brian cherry pie for his birthday. This year I made him this cherry cobbler.

I met Brian 27 years ago. He was the most awesome and cutest guy I’d ever met! We were lined up for our first date by my big brother Tom and his wife Norene. We went with them on a double date to The Alpine Slide in Park City, and later ate at Cowboy Grub. Soon, he surprised me, by driving me straight up a mountain in his jeep to give me my diamond ring!

He’s been such a great husband, father of our kids, and he loves being a Grandpa now! He’s such a great support of my gluten-free diet, and is always willing to try any new recipe! He doesn’t have to eat gluten-free, but he eats everything I give him! He’s my biggest fan.

Here’s the recipe: Brian’s Cherry Cobbler

Here’s Brian with our granddaughter Joscelyn. She’s such a princess! She loves to keep him running, with her cute and silly demands! “Crappa” is excited as we wait for our next little princess, Gwendolyn, who will be born later this year!

Happy Birthday Brian – I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

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