I often get asked how I come up with gluten-free dinners. For me, dinners are an easy thing, since most of them consist of rice or potatoes, meat and vegetables. My Sunday dinner was one of those easy dinners, so I thought I’d share it in a post.

My husband grilled a whole cut-up chicken, using my Tangy Orange Marinade for Grilled Chicken. I cooked some zucchini and yellow squash in butter on medium until done, along with some whole mushrooms, which I sautéed in butter. In the oven I baked thin sliced potatoes in a pan lined with butter, then sprinkled with seasoning salt, and baked at 400 degrees until golden brown.

Since I had some fresh apples, I decided to make some Fresh Apple Crisp. This was my one dish made with a gluten-free ingredient, and I knew it was a big success when my husband who is the only non-celiac in our house said to me, “This is the best apple crisp I have ever had!”

apple crisp

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Having celiac disease can affect the lives of both grown-ups and kids. In my house I’m not the only one who has celiac. My daughter Kayli has it. Her daughter Joscelyn has it too.

1-17-09-jos-with-cupcakesThis year Joscelyn has been to several birthday parties, which she has loved, and yet she feels left out when it’s time for birthday cake.

For Joscelyn’s birthday party she chose to have cupcakes made from her favorite banana oatmeal muffins. See The Best Banana Oatmeal Muffins under Breakfast in my Gluten-Free Recipes, with frosting on top. When time came to serve the cupcakes we lit five candles, sang “Happy Birthday,” then blew out the candles.

1-17-09-isaacJoscelyn helped me plan her Enchanted Birthday Party. Since I was keeping in mind our economic crisis and need to be thrifty, we made our own invitations, games and CDs of songs perfect for the party.

We invited princes, warriors and princesses to the party. Joscelyn begged me to dress up too, so I got out my ball gown to play the queen.

1-17-09-dragon-gameJoscelyn chose the games, which included “Hot Slipper,” played like “Hot Potato,” “Pin the Fire on the Dragon,” which I drew and she colored, and “The Queen Says,” like “Simon Says.” We also played “Freeze to the Music,” which was enjoyed by all the royal kids.

1-17-09-kids-eatingJoscelyn’s birthday party turned out so well! It was very satisfying seeing the dressed up kids having so much fun, and not knowing there was anything different from any other party. The gluten-free cupcakes were gone quickly and Joscelyn enjoyed feeling just like any other kid!




My grand daughter Joscelyn has been to several birthday parties this year. She’s very used to telling the hostess that she can’t have the birthday cake because it has gluten. For her birthday I have looked forward to making birthday cake the she CAN eat! She didn’t want chocolate, and so we made a yellow cake.

Joscelyn helped me make the cake last night. She was excited, since three of us, including her mommy Kayli eat gluten-free, and she knew we would be putting the recipe on this website today, to help others like us. Kayli did the princess cake decorating today.

For Joscelyn’s birthday lunch we enjoyed spaghetti made with our favorite pasta – De Boles brand, made with Jerusalem Artichoke Flour. When time for cake, we were happy to find the cake met our expectations – it tasted great! Grandpa, or as Joscelyn calls him, “Crappa” even asked for seconds!


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Our Christmas Eve dinner has been a tradition since our family started many years ago. It is my children’s favorite meal of the year! Along with our Christmas Potatoes, ham and Christmas Jell-o, we have a tradition of each taking turns giving a toast as we take sips of sparkling grape juice.

See all my Christmas recipes here: Holiday. I wish you the warmest wishes for the holidays!!!

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Soon after my daughter Kayli was diagnosed with Celiac at age fifteen, she and I traveled to Indianapolis to have Thanksgiving with my brother’s family. She had a very hard time through dinner, since she couldn’t eat the rolls, string bean casserole, stuffing or pie. Later some nieces were making cookies, and she took a taste of cookie dough, then cried, realizing she couldn’t have that either.

Last year my family had a completely gluten-free Thanksgiving dinner. It was wonderful to enjoy all of the tastes that we love! I’ve included some recipes and tips that can help make your Thanksgiving a healthy and tasty one!

When looking for your Thanksgiving turkey, it’s important to find a turkey that has not been pre-basted, since many have wheat gluten in the basting. If you look hard, there are some that don’t contain gluten. You may want to be safe, and do the basting yourself.

I use gluten-free bread cut into cubes and then dried to make my favorite stuffing. GFCF Crockpot Stuffing


A crowd pleaser is the traditional Green Bean Casserole. I do this by making my own Golden French Onions and Cream of Mushroom Soup. GF Green Bean Casserole


sweet-potatoes-yams1Or maybe Candied Sweet Potatoes, which is a favorite of my husband.







pumpkin_pieI have made my own pie crusts, but usually order them for Thanksgiving, to save time. Look for health/natural food markets that offer holiday orders. Or use this recipe: Tasty Pie Crust





Now that my family knows how to make Thanksgiving gluten-free, we look forward to this holiday rather than feeling left out and disappointed that we cannot participate in this traditional meal.

Have a Happy and Delicious Thanksgiving!

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When I was small I had a tradition of making gumdrop turkeys, using toothpicks to hold the gumdrops together. Each person had a candy turkey as their place setting.

I’ve carried on this tradition with my granddaughter. We’ve made our own funny version, usually using sour gummy worms, candy corns, and whatever else we choose each year. They turn out pretty hilarious, and we’ve given in to using a glue gun, instead of trying to stick everything together using toothpicks. Needless to say, the turkeys are not edible; they are for looks only! We have lots of fun and laughs making them!